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Optimizing Special Education Services in Henrietta, NY

The Rush-Henrietta Central School District, recognized for its commitment to inclusive education, sought to optimize its special education services to better meet the needs of its diverse student population. The EduSolve team was brought in to help restructure the district’s approach by validating successes, identifying improvement areas, and streamlining resources and investments. The district faced several challenges, including inefficiencies in resource allocation, variability in program effectiveness, and a growing need to align special education practices with best practices nationally.

The project team conducted a comparative analysis between the district’s current practices and those of high-performing special education programs nationwide. The team analyzed student performance data and program costs to pinpoint areas for financial and educational optimization. The evaluated of existing state of special education services, focusing on assessment practices and response to intervention processes supported the design of restructured staffing models to optimize staff levels and qualifications, reducing reliance on outsourced services.

The project led to significant improvements across the district’s special education services:

  • Enhanced Resource Efficiency: Optimized use of resources led to cost savings and better allocation of staff and space.
  • Improved Program Effectiveness: Alignment with national best practices and local needs significantly enhanced the quality of services provided to special education students.
  • Increased Staff Capacity: Revamped training and development programs empowered the existing staff, reducing the dependency on external providers.

The project team successfully restructured the special education services, demonstrating the impact of a methodical, data-driven approach on enhancing educational outcomes for students with special needs. This case study highlights the importance of adaptive strategies in special education to ensure that all students receive the support they need to succeed.

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