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Performance Management at Saint Louis Public Schools in Saint Louis, MO

Performance Management in Education is crucial for transforming educational outcomes. Saint Louis Public Schools have embraced this approach by implementing the Performance Management Inclusive Committee (PMIC) system.

In the rapidly evolving educational landscape, leadership effectiveness is measured by the ability to implement and sustain improvements through a coherent strategic plan. For Saint Louis Public Schools, the adoption of a Performance Management Inclusive Committee (PMIC) system represents a pivotal strategy in transforming educational outcomes and enhancing organizational performance.

This case study could serve as a blueprint for other school districts aiming to implement similar performance management frameworks, illustrating the importance of strategic planning and stakeholder engagement in achieving educational excellence, while focusing on establishing a robust performance management framework.

Dr. Keisha Scarlett, Superintendent of Seattle Public Schools, commissioned the project during the strategic adoption of key district initiatives, to include Literacy for the Lou’. The PMIC approach is part of a broader vision involving community partnerships, systematic change management, and a departure from traditional methods to foster student-focused, equitable outcomes. PMIC was introduced as a vital resource, embedding principles of project and change management to streamline processes, optimize resource usage, and enhance operational consistency. Tools and a detailed playbook are being used, to guide leaders through strategic goal achievement, emphasizing collaboration, measurable results, and continuous improvement to support both student and community needs effectively. The approach is grounded in rigorous standards, shared responsibility, and a commitment to overcoming barriers, signifying a dynamic shift towards proactive, structured, and strategic educational leadership.

The PMIC system significantly influenced the strategic operations at Saint Louis Public Schools, contributing to:

  • Enhanced clarity and organization of strategic initiatives.
  • Improved monitoring and reporting mechanisms through newly developed dashboards and key performance indicators.
  • A shift towards a culture of inclusion and accountability, allowing for better adaptation and refinement of practices based on results.
  • Notable improvements in areas targeted by the Insight Education Group, including reading, math, college and career readiness, and student wellness & belonging.

The partnership between Saint Louis Public Schools and EduSolve, LLC, through the establishment of the PMIC, demonstrates the effectiveness of tailored performance management systems in educational settings. By focusing on structured strategic management and inclusive leadership practices, schools can significantly enhance their educational outcomes and organizational performance.

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