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Michael Moore, Subject Matter Expert

Michael Moore has been a national executive coach and leadership development consultant for nearly 20 years, following a successful career as a high school principal and Superintendent of Schools. Michael has three practice areas: working in large urban districts with ‘Directors and above’ to prioritize strategy, manage change, and build team capacity; co-designing culturally-responsive, job-embedded leadership pathways; and coaching executives and their teams in large districts, CMOs, and nonprofits. Michael is an expert in principal coaching/supervision and in the improvement of HR/HC systems. Mr. Moore previously led the program at New Leaders, when it was the largest principal training program in the nation, training 120 leaders in 12 cities each year. Michael currently has projects in Atlanta, Fort Worth ISD, Houston ISD, LAUSD, NYCDOE, and Palm Beach among others, and at several prominent charter management organizations.

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